Validator Onboarding Phase 2 is Complete! Onward to a Fully Decentralized Network

:partying_face: The first two phases of our staking rollout have been successfully completed and we are now entering into the third and final phase, ushering in full decentralization!

:mechanical_arm: Phase 2 saw a significant increase in the decentralization of Matic Network as we opened up the network to 30+ additional public validators, providing a strong backbone of industry leading top-tier network validators.

:busts_in_silhouette: With the beginning of Phase 3, we’re opening up validator slots to the entire community! In addition to being able to play a key role in the successful functioning of Matic Network, active validators will also earn a passive income via fees generated from providing staking services for the Matic community.

:globe_with_meridians: Read here to learn how you can become a Matic Network validator and for an overview of Phase 3:

We are committed to building the strongest possible staking ecosystem, and we’re thrilled to see this coming to fruition!

Phase 3 of our staking rollout represents a significant milestone in the journey of Matic Network. Onward to full decentralization :sunglasses: