Validator node Signer problem

We have found a problem with the mainnet deployment of Bor and Heimdall.
We used Heimdall snapshot and it is working like a charm, recently it fully synced and we have "catching_up": false response.
After that, we start syncing Bor, it was Ok and was syncing, but we decided to use bor snapshot either.
So, the ~/.bor was removed and reinstalled the Bor as your Ansible roles. Then, we deployed the Bor full-node snapshot to the /.bor/data/bor/chaindata , changed the VALIDATOR_ADDRESS , and generated a new keystore with heimdallcli
.After starting Bor service, it stuck on:

Aug 19 06:58:39 ip-172-16-10-213 bash[123520]: ERROR[08-19|06:58:39.168] Failed to prepare header for mining err="Signer <MY_WALLET_ADDRESS> is not a part of the producer set at block 16859523"

Could you guide me on how to fix it?
Thanks in advance.