Using React Sample Project to pass ERC20 token across networks

I am using the sample react project (GitHub - maticnetwork/pos-plasma-tutorial) to move some ZkGo from etherium Goerli network to polygon Mumbai network. The “Deposit” feature calls approve to add an allowance for address “0xdD6596F2029e6233DEFfaCa316e6A95217d4Dc34” . But then the “depositFor” that is called uses the “transferFrom” and checks the allowance of address “37c3bfc05d5ebf9ebb3ff80ce0bd0133bf221bc8” . Shouldn’t those be the same addresses? Here are some sample transactions moving 0 ZkGo. I was only able to get a transaction of “1” to work by manually approving an allowance for that second address. Please provide an explanation or direct me to help. Thanks so much.