USDC stuck in Bridge - Matic support is asking me to upload my seed phrase?!

Today I tried to bridge my USDC back to Ethereum and the first transaction was successful but the second one wasn’t. I keep getting a transaction fail error. After searching for help on this forum I found a website being posted:
There is a chat app on that website that allowed me to talk with someone who seemed to try to help me troubleshoot my issue. I sent him the transaction hash of my Polygon transaction. Then he said that I had to go to the following website and put in my SEED PHRASE!

Can someone from Matic please confirm that this is the only way for me to release my funds? How is this a legitimate way for users to get help?! I’ve never put my seed phrase on the internet before. How do I know wallet won’t get compromised? This does not seem safe.

Can someone please help?!

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My friend, that is a fake wesbite. You are correct in thinking you should never upload your private keys anywhere.

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Thanks for the feedback. Thought so. It’s hard to figure out legitimate Matic support websites. I’ve tried submitting a ticket to Matic regarding the issue but the support ticket keeps erroring out.