URGENT! USDC wrongly sent to USDT contract!

Dear Matic Group Members,

I wrongly (My Matic address: 0xEed2490E0f253eEFe66f7B079c4e927accD82eEB) sent the 86627.622248 USDC to the MATIC UChildERC20Proxy (USDT) contract address (0xc2132D05D31c914a87C6611C10748AEb04B58e8F), could anyone help send that back to my Matic address please?

The transaction ID is 0xc26a7786157cc2ac8675b9830ea3b0c05e6e8951a899926548a8affbe85c9fe2

I am new to MATIC and so sorry for this stupid fault due to copy and paste with the wrong address, but urgent help is needed! Or let me know to whom should I contact. This address appears to be Matic’s formal address issuing the USDT on chain of Matic.

My email is zonghuliao@163.com

My great appreciation in advance!


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pega a fila… tem gente a meses esperando

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has this been solved? got a similar problem

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I got replied that they (Matic official) could do nothing.