Update Token info pending for days

How do we get the people at www.polygonscan.com to update the token info after we submit it just like the etherscan.io? They just ignore every update it,seriously does it involve giving away thousands of dollars free to the network to get respected? Is the system that treats everyone that’s new as ntrusted? Can you get serious I don’t like being as professional as I am by nature and everyone on the other side is unresponsive with every request for support. You really treat people poorly and are unresponsive. Why are you so impossible to talk to and work with? Why can’t you approve the form on the first try its signed with the very wallet of the smart contract creator it can be no one else can you expedite my request?



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I do support @cryptoinvestor.

The response time of the Polygon Team is really poor.
If they respond, they don’t read the question right and give false answers…

My form request on poygonscan.com is also pending since days.
Contract Address 0x36ff415d0bcedf976d60e85c72e01d19230fbd29 | PolygonScan

The docs are poorly documented too.
Examples on github.com are partially not working.

There are lot of questions unanswered.
Hope you get this fixed asap.

Bye Hobo thanks for replying heres the data recast if you don’t approve this to the biggest supporter of the entire polygon liquidity in British Columbia I understand how important you are.

CoinGecko Request Form
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Tokens represent cryptocurrencies built on existing blockchain platforms. ERC-20, BEP2, and others fall under this category. 

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Crypto Investor Agency
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Crypto Investor Agency - CIA token is a project based on Vancouver Island , BC Canada dedicated to make crypto available to those locally and develop the blockchain network.
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Not sure what your saying I still dont see it live on coingecko yet. I dont need anything from this and thats the point you all use everyone and have nothing to add and the system is designed so you can gain and its impossible for us to gain financial you know that. Not too bright if you dont do whats in your best interest and approve that like in minutes cuz your well a few bricks shy of a rhy load.

Hello @BuyHoboNickels @cryptoinvestor
Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

Can you provide a link to the polygon support live chat website?

Is there a reason that everything is made so easy to participate right up until someone actually does it integrates it participates and then the only ones that are made capable of working with any project works on your network is foreign and then as I sit back earning doing this easily you can’t even see way to give me the respect I deserve. The question is why do you make it so easy to participate then when someone actually does you just end up looking stupid and can’t seem to work with anyone here. Are you indeed all foolish people.

You kind of force the conversation. Are you Racists? Are you people just like looking foolish? Do you like inviting the entire world to take your money daily but when we become real people you just have some kind of episode? I don’t understand its like you want to participate but the only people doing this are people that seem to enjoy pretending they have something beneficial to provide the entire world but when someone participates you seem incapable of integrating with the project. And thats all the world sees is foreigners constantly either showing up here causing problems with operations. You really do invite the insults it seems. Are you insane? I don't put a sign up welcome anyone in the world to join then when someone uses the system and looks to add value and give back your at a loss for words People are just going to seem me constantly communicating the fact you really do enjoy being insane. I equate this to me standing in my driveway asking everyone that passes to take my money please set up a token then when you do keep disabling your network and attacking you and preventing you from looking professional while essentially all I am here is a common criminal.

What do you mean large number of requests?

Are you implying you have more requests than bscscan and etherscan? I doubt you do, and they do update the tokens information in few days and actually they treat the projects on their networks with some level of respect.

Polygon is worth $7 Billion and you are saying you can’t handle the few token update requests in a timely manner? Projects are trusting your network by joining it and after that you treat them like nothing, why should we bother to put our projects on Polygon?

If you don’t support the projects that are supporting your network, polygon will eventually die.

If you don’t have enough resources to handle the FEW requests you have, then INCREASE YOUR RESOURCES! It’s the rule number 1 of business, never heard about it?

YOU ARE WORTH 7 F* BILLION!!! Start doing your job or people will stop using your network.

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And by the way, are you a bot?

Your activity shows that you just say the same message to everyone!

“Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website”


You cannot expect to carry a conversation with me if you arn’t fluent in english and understand the fluidity of the markets and how capitalization works. I would expect someone to have more respect for someone adding value to the polymatic network. And a more mature and professional person.

I can’t sample a disjunctive text from you " What a disgrace " and understand if you just ignorantly insulting me or when you are confronted with a situation where you would have to make the smart contract work you are ill prepared for the valuation.

In Canada we can expect to make 72 thousand canadian dollars a year working a job at CSIS as a communications expert.

Lucky you I am a expert.

Would you like to rephrase and finish off your thought there on are you just insulting me?

Lol, you misunderstood, I was not talking bad about you. I was telling how bad the polygon support is.

@Shunman_dev is a bot, he posts the same message to everyone. Just shows how little polygon support really cares! WHAT A DISGRACE!

Your very frustrating you know right. IS there any way to get it listed I am as professional as you can get I am positive. www.cyptoinvestor.ca how do I get it listed on coingecko.com and coinmarketcap.com I have submitted the forms already all they do is ignore the submit. How do I get it approved and pushed through to action in one day.

I agree with what your saying. Polygon matic network knows that the only people adding value to MATIC and the polygon network are the developers like myself. Daily adding and using value to distribute the token on the infastructure. I know they probably don’t get very many requests and this is rare. But someone actually got back to the CIA (Crypto Investor Agency) from a address at polygonscan.com and said it will now take no longer than 5 business days to update the liquity and token id which is now sufficient to be listed on the network.

So I guess we will see in 5 business days if the SmartContract address on polygonscan.com starts adding reputation positively and starts flowing in real time.

The project is EXCATLY happening according to the public knowledge on the website. The advertising budget and disbursery address’s all have the appropriate CIA according to and modeling after typical corporate public stocks which it isn’t but still modeling after the offical way that happens.

The Bit Times - Looks like they are emulating a version of this ahead of time and while accurate is just a bit slow in polling real time data. I hope this is all merged together in the 5 days and polygonscan.com lists the image for token and reputation and liquidity numbers accurately.

Thank you for taking this seriously since there is a significant investment in time and money daily going on here it is a serious project.