Update: PoS Validator Admissions

Greetings Community,

As we know, validators are key in maintaining the Polygon network. Validators run nodes and secure the network by staking MATIC to produce blocks, validate and participate in PoS consensus.
Validation requires technical knowledge, experience and maintenance of the node.

Given the limited spots for validators, and the heightened interest received by the community to become a validator, there is now a beta version of the Validator Admissions form for Polygon PoS.

The form helps the community decide who can enter the network and run a validator node on Polygon PoS.

The main three pillars of evaluation are: Expertise, Experience and Stake.

Expertise: This parameter looks at technical knowledge of Node Operations, Polygon PoS Chain Architecture, Governance and Consensus.

Experience: This parameter evaluates time spent as a PoS Validator on any chain as well as the number of chains/quality of chains that the applicant validates on.

Stake: This parameter ranks participants on the amount of MATIC they are willing to stake in the network.

PIP4 Part C referred to admissions being moved from being managed solely by the multisig, to being managed by the community at large. This stage of the application form is the first step in moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2.

The current implementation of the admissions process involves:

  1. Applicants are scored and ranked against other applicants based on their application entries.

  2. Polygon Labs’ committee, consisting of team members from various teams, assesses and interviews prospective candidates.

  3. A recommendation is then issued to the multisig holders, in the form of a transaction for onboarding.

If you’re interested in becoming a validator on the Polygon PoS network please fill out the application form.

Kind Regards,

  • Polygon Labs

Is this validator for Polygon 2.0, right?

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This is for the current POS Network.

2.0 will most likely not require this exact model, it may use some parts of this model.

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How long do you think it will take to onboard new Validators? Are we speaking of this year or next year?
Also, will the set be expanded of existing validators kicked-out?

Does this mean there will be a public vote on the applicants? Or just the multisig holders decide?

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Hello there! Thanks for link. My name is Nanessa from the Laguna Games Team. I’ve filled out the form in April for the project Crypto Unicorns. When do we usually expect to hear an update re: this?

@Nanessa , as @JacksonPolygon replied on a similar question in Discord: " At this stage those who are selected are notified of being selected, the admissions process is in beta stage at this point.
If you have applied, the form will let you know if you are immediately eligible for an interview, or if your application is not yet eligible but can become later if the need arises and your score puts you in a high enough standing".

@gioser Actually, since I did the application prior to this being announced (April), I don’t remember that there was any information like that upon completing the form.

If the application scored in the top 30%, the applicant would have received an automated scheduling of an interview.
If lower that than then the message at the end of the form notified that the applicant would be contacted if/when the application became eligible based on the final score.

i have fill the form to become a new validator some days ago , but I don’t see anything, no answer, no ACK, could you tell me, if something goes wrong or if I have to wait à little bit more .

As you did not receive the ability to automatically set up an interview, the form stated if your application is eligible in the future you will be contacted.

Ok tks, I will wait a little bit more.
i will say to my boss, he has to be a little bit more patient.

Hi Jackson,

I am Evgeny from Nodes.Guru.

Seems like the form is now closed, it stopped accepting responses right before we finished our submission. Could you check please?

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Hi @gioser @JacksonPolygon heads up here, please check this and help him accordingly?

Hi @passenger,

The form is still active and you just have to resubmit your application.

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