Update: Bridge has also resumed normal operation


  • The complete Polygon PoS infrastructure has resumed normal operation
  • The Polygon PoS chain has continued normal operations since this weekend’s fix
  • The Polygon PoS Bridge deposits and withdrawals have also resumed normal operation
  • Any pending deposits and withdrawals got processed and newer ones should be processed as usual

In more detail

The Polygon PoS team issued a Heimdall v0.2.7 patch to all validators which solved a critical issue with the Heimdall chain and enabled the team to restore functionality on the Bridge. Here’s the full details:

  • Heimdall resumed operation yesterday and continues to produce new blocks normally. Everything is fully safe and secure.
  • The proposal for ensuring a larger state sync relay has been passed by the validators after a standard 24-hour duration.
  • Any pending state sync transactions have been processed and newer ones will be processed as usual by the state sync mechanism that is back to normal.
  • After confirming state sync has resumed properly, we’ve restored the public Bridge UI.
  • At this point, all user-facing operations have returned to normal, including deposits and withdrawals, and on-chain transactions.
  • Note that there will also be a set of smaller updates that will occur with validators over the next week but won’t affect user-facing operation.
  • All funds were safe during the resolution of this issue.

The Polygon team appreciates the support shown by our community during the resolution of these issues. The Polygon team will share a follow up with more details and key learnings and look forward to getting your feedback at that point.

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Is there a suggested length of time I should wait for my currently “Queued” transaction to resolve before I try to escalate? Or a good place to escalate to? I need this transaction to complete ASAP…

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Hey. My transaction (POS transfer of USDT from Polygon to ETH) is stucked since 9 days. I’ve opened a ticket already and nothing happened.

What should I do? Who can I contact?

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