Upcoming zkEVM Elderberry Upgrade (Fork ID 8) - Cardona Testnet (Sepolia)

23rd Feb

Date: Mon, 26th Feb 2024
Time: Tentatively 01:00 PM CET / 12:00 PM UTC.
Duration: 1 hour

The upcoming Elderberry upgrade on zkEVM testnet covers ROM optimisations and fixes.

Things to note:

:warning: Note that the versions node v0.6.0, Prover v5.0.0 are required to be able to upgrade the network to Elderberry.
:warning: Note that the version v0.5.13 and earlier, prover 4.0.16 and earlier would be obsolete.
:warning: Note that the zkEVM Goerli testnet will not be compatible with version v0.6.0 and Etrog HF, Elderberry HF are not supported

:construction: Scheduled Downtime Alert
The network will be unavailable during the operations for ~30 min. Please find the versions below:
Node version: v.0.6.0
Prover version: v5.0.0

For infrastructure providers, please follow the instructions here

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