Upcoming changes for Bor and Heimdall

We are changing the way we distribute our software, we have been working to streamline our release process, so you can enjoy a wide variety of installation options that should cover your needs.

From now on, we will be publishing new multi-platform binaries to Github Releases for Bor and Heimdall, with packages for Redhat, Debian, and Alpine based systems.

We are also publishing multi-platform docker images to Docker Hub, but we are switching the Org from maticnetwork to 0xpolygon, so be sure to grab the new images from https://hub.docker.com/u/0xpolygon from now on but we still maintain the builds on https://hub.docker.com/u/maticnetwork during some time to let you adapt.

Below you can find the list of changes that we have implemented in Bor and Heimdall:

Heimdall Changes

Docker Images

  • New environment variable in Docker images to set Heimdall home directory, set to /heimdall by default.

  • Output logs to stdout instead of files inside container

  • Entrypoint script runs heimdalld in foreground, listening to signals

  • Remove relative volume paths in Dockerfile


  • Home/data directory changed from /etc/heimdall to /var/lib/heimdall

  • Binary directory changed from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin

Bor Changes

Docker images

  • New environment variable in Docker images to set Bor home directory, set to /bor by default.

  • Entrypoint set to bor

  • Removed bootnode binary from the release, it is not necessary and can be used from Geth image.


  • Binary directory changed from /usr/bin to /usr/local/bin

We would like to thank our partners and users that have provided feedback on how to improve our setup and lower the entry barrier for new developers and operators.