Unbonding failure

When I try to Unbond my staked coins it fails. I have ETH in my account to cover the high transaction fee.

Any news on this unbonding failure?

I did an unbond last Friday, and the checkpoint count was counting down over the span of the few days. However, today the “claim” box was no longer visible and the tokens have not been credited yet.

Etherscan shows transactions from my wallet address to an address with 0x0000000…

Any information on what’s occurring would be very enlightening, as money(tokens) just vanishing is a critical issue.


Unbonding works for me. If you share more details (transaction hash etc.), folks can try to help/troubleshoot.

Hello @teckskillz ,

Thanks for reaching out to Matic Forum.

Could you please help us with the following details

1.Wallet Address
2.Relevant screenshot

–Polygon Support