Unable to cancel pending transaction

Hello team, May I have your help to check Polygon (MATIC) Blockchain Explorer as this tx keeps pending, I’ve tried to speed it up but seems doesn’t work, thank you very much.

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please how do i stop my transaction on this 0xc9dbf174c44f4af278ddc9b351169cbc71c71c252e8142e3e4d3ddbabd847812

I am also facing a similar issue
My transaction ID is

Hello @Grozni_Games kindly chat with one of our Dev on live chat to get a quicker response MATIC FORUM LIVE CHAT

same problem here first tx: 0x535ee885fd16d13c93fedfde752eedd3d430e9a5b02043cddd01e71b87f75c2e
second tx: 0x986d0b77ce2a16e6496eeaf996e2f4984ebfcef60e1a3f0f14d2e7b205a8a9cc

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I am unable to cancel or speed up the transection plx help


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Hi @bunny_dtpromo . You have to chat with one of Polygon live support agent to get a quicker response to the issue of canceling your transaction . Click here