Trying to deploy in mumbai testnet using dedicated RPC url failed

I am not able to deploy my contracts or even a very simple contract in polygon test net using dedicated RPC url from infura.
The blocks number and seconds keeps on increasing and never succeeded. Is there any configuration that I need to add in truffle-config.js?
Here it is

matic_testnet: {
   provider: () => new HDWalletProvider(MNEMONIC, `${INFURA_API_KEY}`),
   networkCheckTimeout: 90000,
   network_id: 80001,
   confirmations: 2,
   timeoutBlocks: 2000,
   skipDryRun: true,
   chainId: 80001,
   gas: 6000000,
   gasPrice: 10000000000,


It is really frustrating for me since so long. Nobody actually helped me to get rid of the issues and I am not able to deploy it for so long.

Not working anymore. What’s next?


See the result. Do you guys even bother and try out the solution before replying? I’ve been seeking help since long time. Tried almost all the URLs you guys have in the documentation. At last I thought trying dedicated URL so used infura and it’s still giving an issue.
I am also getting error mentioned in I tried updating gasPrice and networkCheckTimeout but didn’t work.

Not getting the expected response from the dev team.

Your telegram support group is fake. I am not getting proper response. Please connect me to dev team who could really deal with the problem.

This morning I tried with same config and the setup and deployment actually happened smoothly in polygon testnet. This proves that there was something going on with the testnet itself and might have resolved.

Atleast, support team should know about the activities going on in their network before actually asking us to try random solution. I wasted my 3 days looking for proper answers.

Sorry but I have to say this the support team is not experienced in the forum.