TripleFi, new derivative DEX open for listing

GM community!

Who are we?

TripleFi a new derivative DEX built on Polygon. TripleFi currently is one the few derivative DEXs which can provide leverage up to 25 times. With high-performance and low-cost nature of Polygon network, TripleFi is able to expand the boundaries of derivative DEX with price feed updating in seconds. In the design of TripleFi, industry leading innovations like net position mechanism and automatic spread adjustments are applied to enhance the trading experience and liquidity pool returns. Being open is our motto and the biggest advantage of Defi. TripleFi will support more crypto asset and eventually the listing will become permission-less.

Why listing on a derivative DEX?

There are certain benefits for a crypto asset to be listed on a derivative DEX,

  1. increase in trading volume also in the spot market (swap)
  2. increase in amount of traders (investors)
  3. increase the income of token market makers

Why TripleFi?
There is no fee regarding to listing. As long as your project is qualified for listing, we will provide full support. There are a few projects will be listing in March. Please follow and check it out. We will have a line of listing. Please contact us sooner to secure a place.

Contact us:



Discord: Triple.Fi


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @triplefi