Transferring etherium from matic network to etherium network

hello everyone
I have a situatin and for now i dont have any knowledge about that
I accidentally transfered 0.924 ETH from etherium network to matic network. now I cant do anything with that I cant deposit it to eth network or send it to any wallet when I want to deposit show my balance about 56 $ that is my etheriums network balance would anybody please help me

Please refer for more details to withdraw ETH from Matic to Ethereum.

I did the same ting as alire7_a, but I think I messed up even more.
After not being able to transfer back my ETH to my ETH Metamask wallet, I tried to send it to another ETH wallet. The transaction went thru, but nothing shows in the other ETH wallet.

Is my ETH lost or is the a way to recover it?

@MoxMining as long as you have control of the other wallet, your funds are safe.

Login via the other wallet to the web wallet. Please refer for more details to withdraw ETH from Matic to Ethereum.

I did something probably more stupid, and copy pasted the wrong address by mistakeā€¦

I transferred 0.334 WETH tokens in my Matic Wallet wrongly. Check the transaction details:
0xc76c05e9401d9096b46c4b1846e3c2aab4196a1a1df28d181b648e0a8d21670d or Transaction 0xc76c05e9401d9096b46c4b1846e3c2aab4196a1a1df28d181b648e0a8d21670d - Mainnet Explorer

How can I get my 0.334 WETH back to my Metamask wallet 0x4C1dD0113D85fA6eC0aA4bF8F20Bcbe9D414c76f?

Hi Anurag. I sent USDC from the MATIC network to an ETH address (coinbase). Are the USDC lost, or can I recover them if I have control of the ETH address? Maybe convert that ETH address to a MATIC address or something? Thanks so much.