Transferring a smart contract between wallets

i have 3 wallets (all metamask) and i have 3 NFT smart contracts, one contract in each wallet, created on (and obviously on the Polygon chain)

is there a quick, simple (and GAS free as all Polygon transactions) way to transfer the smart contracts to the same wallet?

i am a programmer with quite a bit of experience outside of blockchain but once i step into the blockchain stuff i find my knowledge is not worth quite as much as i first though it was so i am looking for some clues / guidance from those with more experience in here.

thank you in advance to those of you who offer answers or any form of guidance, very much appreciated.

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Hello @lukeis2k20 , A support ticket has been opened for you. Talk to a Polygon Dev on the Live support page. so that you can be advised on what to do. . CLICK HERE