Transfer to wallet Wrong Network

Error on my part. Anyway to reverse transfer. I transferred from Polygon Chain in Metamask to Trust wallet which only accepts BEP20 chain my error. The wallet address shows on polyscan and confirms the transfer but obliviously will not show up in Trust wallet as is wrong chain. Is there any solution to this can it be reversed back to Metamask
Polyscan Token Holdings [0x8FaFb8785b2550DfB456Cb116e08336342dF94eC]
TxID 0x0c78f9fb1429e9bc72ba109442b9774a4b34173082795de932a058179c43fd7a
From Metamask wallet Polygon Mainnet 0x47c3c93DfC98FEE8730f4041d4f1CE46AFDA5050
Transaction Hash 0x0c78f9fb1429e9bc72ba109442b9774a4b34173082795de932a058179c43fd7a


Hey @gurmukh333.

I am not sure of the answer and whether you can actually retrieve the funds.
I would encourage you to open a ticket here:Support : Polygon Support
and do the same on the Trust wallet side and hopefully, they will be able to assist you!

Iā€™m sorry to say that I think your funds are lost, especially since polygon is discontinuing the binance chain. Your best bet is probably to jump on discord and to fill out a support ticket.