Transfer mistake. how to reverse?

I did something probably more stupid, and copy pasted the wrong address by mistake…

I transferred 0.334 WETH tokens in my Matic Wallet wrongly. Check the transaction details:
0xc76c05e9401d9096b46c4b1846e3c2aab4196a1a1df28d181b648e0a8d21670d or Transaction 0xc76c05e9401d9096b46c4b1846e3c2aab4196a1a1df28d181b648e0a8d21670d - Mainnet Explorer

How can I get my 0.334 WETH back to my Metamask wallet 0x4C1dD0113D85fA6eC0aA4bF8F20Bcbe9D414c76f?

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Hello Chris,

Thanks for reaching out to Matic Forum.

Unfortunately currently there is no option to reverse a transaction.

Is there anything else I can help you with?

–Polygon Support

is this still the case? i transferred matic tokens using the Polygon bridge site and forgot to change my CB wallet back to Poly network and never reached their destination.