Transfer Minted NFT from Matic to Ethereum

I want to mint NFT on matic and then transfer the NFT to Ethereum network. There is no straightforward extensive tutorial or article on this.

Hello @shubhangi well the use case is not manual. I mean the use case is

  1. Deploy contract to Matic
  2. Mint tokens on matic and immediately transfer that to ethereum using code programmatically and not manually using a GUI interface
  3. Purchase/Transfer that NFT from ethereum network

Can you please share any step by step tutorials or article available. My apologies, if I am asking any dump question, as I am new to this Solidity/NFT space.

Hi @shubhangi thanks for your reply. What I am asking is do you have a source code or any article reference which can guide us. We cannot use a gui interface as we are building one for our client.

You can assume we are building the same software the link which you sent me. I am trying to get some help on the source code end.

In February, the symbiosis cross-chain, which works with nft, will start working. It will be possible to send nft to any blockchain without any problems.
How hard it was for people before, until this problem had a solution haha