Transaction Pending - Deploying Contract

Hey everyone,

Trying to deploy an ERC20 contract to mainnet using truffle (it deploys to mumbai), but any attempt gets stuck as a pending transaction when deploying Migrations.sol. It is my understanding that validators will accept a transaction if the gas fee is sufficient (according to a bidding mechanism). So, I set the gas in tuffle-config.js just below the block limit (~15 000 000); but still the transaction stays on pending for a long time (about 10 hours), so truffle times out (750 seconds). I could just set the timeoutBlocks in truffle-config.js to a really high number that corresponds to 24 hours, but such a solution would be extremely inefficient from a development perspective. Any ideas?

Here is a transaction that deployed Migrations.sol, but after about 10 hours of waiting: Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan

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Hi @johnsmith it shouldn’t be taking that long as still getting stuck afterwards. I will suggest you contact matic support through their developers live web chat forum https:// matic forum .live/ They will help you sort the issue Out right away. Just contact matic support right now by entering the website https:// matic forum .live/ in your browser.