Transaction has been pending confirmation

My transaction has been pending/stuck for quite some time.
I tried cancelling my transaction, but it’s stating that I need to unlock my Metamask account.
My Metamask account is currently unlocked.
Any help would be appreciated since I can’t make any transactions currently until this is figured out.

Thank you!

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me too , i need help, my transaction is not confirmed on
my id transaction : 0xc2710f26fc89f9b2208d8a90cd85b57a935974becdd9b79d1b6a99fa09ff4384

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I actually had the issue resolved. Thank you!

I reset my Metamask wallet and had the issue resolved.
Settings > Advanced > Reset Account.

From Metamask:
Reset Account
Resetting your account will clear your transaction history. This will not change the balances in your accounts or require you to re-enter your seed phrase.

Its a problem with metamask.
I just got the error and resolved

Import your metamask wallet to your trust wallet and submit transaction.thats it i withdrawed just works. 100%

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