Transaction appears in the blockchain 3 minutes later after the push

Hi, everybody!
Sorry, if my question was already discussed here.

Let’s say, I am pushing USDT transfer transaction via rpc node node of one of the famous Polygon rpc providers.

I am doing it with ethers.js 5.X via provider.sendTransaction method. And right after the push, I try to get ensure whether the transaction is really reached the blockchain via provider.getTransaction method call.
During the next minute I make 30 * 2 attempts to detect this fact by calling the main rpc node and also failover rpc node (it is the node of another famous rpc node provider).
And surprisingly my transaction appears in the blockchain only 3 minutes later.
Such a situation occurs very rarely and via different rpc node providers. But it is very sensitive for me.
Somehow, I must be ensured that the transaction will finally reach the blockchain infrastructure and will be mined or rejected.

I have implemented the same logic also for Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain blockchains. And it seems it appears only on Polygon.

Thanks in advance for explanations and suggestions.