Toolchain to generate input for zkEVM-prover

Hi team, I am looking into zkEVM-prover and zkEVM-proverjs and it seems that in the js there is a toolchain to generate input to test the zkEVM-prover besides the already existing testvectors.

Say I want to test a particular smart contract invocation (written in Solidity), could you please give me a pointer to do it?

I have run the zkEVM-prover once with the default input, its peak RAM is 800 GB (with 96 vCPUs). I see that the current input_executor test fills only 8k-ish constraints but the max capacity is 2^23. Am I correct to say that the peak RAM is dependent of the number of vCPUs and the complexity of the block (more transactions).


Hi @namnc
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Thanks for testing the zkEVM prover, we will get the zkEVM team here to reply to your comment.