Tokens were not credited to the account please return the coin

Tokens were not credited to the account
Transaction Hash:


please return the coin

The link you posted of the transaction details says “success”. You sent Wrapped Ether (WETH) using Polygon Network (MATIC). The address you sent the WETH to received the funds.

If you are sending funds to an exchange (or ANYWHERE for that matter), you MUST make sure that the recipient accepts the specific asset you are sending and the blockchain/network you are going to be using. Not very many exchanges are currently using Polygon Network yet.

Also, your post here does nothing for you with the loss of your coins. You MUST contact the exchange or recipient in order to have any chance at getting them to deposit the funds. I will add, looking at the size of this transaction, 0.005 WETH ($15), you probably will be better off not pursuing your loss because you could spend a few hours on creating a support ticket and will most likely take weeks before an exchange will get back to you. Also, your chance of getting the funds deposited to any major exchange is about the same chance you have of getting hit by an asteroid. J/s

Sorry for your loss brother, take this as an inexpensive lesson.