Token Redeemer - Vouchers for Seamless Commerce and Social Good

Project Name: Token Redeemer

Token Redeemer (by Redeem Technologies) uses blockchain and AI to deliver donations, aid, gifts and rewards across the world in a decentralized way that maximises personal dignity and choice, transparency, flexibility and impact, while eliminating misappropriation and fraud, by design.
This is also a form of “programmable money” when used on permissioned blockchains.

We have a demo version working on Polygon, and are looking for partners, charities, NGOs, customers and investors.
One use we focus on are decentralized vouchers that would be redeemed in Uganda by low-income recipients and we have a partner charity in Uganda.

The problem and our solution:

The project is still in semi-stealth, but you can follow us on Twitter:

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My background:
Ph.D. in decentralized AI
Polygon Guild Lead Edinburgh
Leading UK’s largest Blockchain Meetup