Throughput Testing

Hey @everyone

Its been a while that we connected. We are almost at the cusp of completing Counter Stake Stage 2. We are currently running a throughput test on the nodes and we will need you to follow these sets of instructions to make sure the tests go through.

Please try to complete this by Monday evening.

You will need to add these flags to on your Bor. You don’t need to stop the service for Bor. All you need to to is open and add these flags:

--txpool.accountslots '200000' \
--txpool.globalslots '200000' \
--txpool.accountqueue '200000' \
--txpool.globalqueue '200000' \
--miner.gastarget '1000000000' \
--miner.gaslimit '1000000000' \

For example:

This needs to be done on both, Sentry and Validator nodes.

Once these changes are done you can restart Bor service.

Please post an update on the channel once you have completed this activity.