This week in the DAO w20

May 14th to 20th

  • Tatum lectured at our Village talks spaces on Thursday talking about five things people do wrongly when they build their NFT projects. We had four interesting projects pitching their apps, Mystiko Network, Aperture Finance, Gamma strategies and Unchained Music. For this week’s village talks we had a total of 620 people listen in for the expert talks and projects pitches on Thursday. (based of spaces data)
  • We concluded the first round of review of all submissions and have moved on the the final stage of review and we aim to communicate the result with all projects before the end of the month.
  • Welcomed new team members and helped onboard them into our process both for Grants, Marketing and Communications, welcom!
  • Polygon DAO grantee Sherwood project extended the DAO 50 WL spots which can be found here at our discord (link in twitter bio)
  • For next week’s spaces sessions we have a great lineup, Polygon Investments Team are joining us on Tuesday! Then we have Filecoin and four new projects on Thursday, don’t miss it!


  • Polygon DAO attended permissionless where Marco, David and Astha have represented the DAO, attended talks around DAO’s specifically and the space generally while meeting up with both projects, partners and other DAO stakeholders.
  • Socials grew with 9% last week with a total growth in the last four week of 45%, we keep improving our internal process with the help from Nishit we have a much clearer grasp on how to keep developing our marketing function, thank you ser!
  • Polygon DAO DeFI wizard has been on fire with the Alpha offered to members in the Discord! Join us and keep track of the ever changing landscape of web3
  • The new DAO communications team has gotten off to a great start managing the Polygon DAO village channels and reaching out to projects!
  • Nex week we’re having an AMA with Ovix, a very promising protocol. We had a great chat during our event in Milano. Join us on Wednesday!
  • Polygon DAO Bi-weekly updates video launched this week, thank you Coach and Pixo for your contributions to this great outcome!


Hey @TommyOlofsson ,

With contributors dispersed all across the world, everyday coordination and communication is our biggest challenge. “This week in Dao” serves as a great resource for those who missed a meeting or want a recording. It also provides a space for contributors to ask questions. As a resource, TWID is also very outward-facing. It is a resource for others in the ecosystem and is gonna be one of the reasons why Polygon Dao will be seen as a gold standard DAO.

Having said that, should we not include more info which covers the entire spectrum. For instance, many a times builders keep asking about the events which we are going to attend in the near future. So, adding a note at the bottom about upcoming events where we are participating will be very useful for builders to connect with us.

A line or two about major announcements about Polygon HQ (this week it was Polygon Nightfall) can also come handy for people who are not in so-friendly timezones.

Thank you, will try and be more specific for the events where the time is set!



This is amazing I quite like the format of bulleted points :purple_heart:.