This Is Mecha Infinity: The Infinite Value Of Mecha Metaverse

Have you ever wanted to own a Mecha warrior? Have you ever fantasized about going to space?

Mecha Infinity will accompany you on your journey and provide you with the opportunity to participate in an adventure within the metaverse of mecha. Mecha Infinity is a game about the creation and evolution of mechas, to prepare or nourish them for battles. Each mecha has its distinct appearance and set of abilities. In a world full of infinite possibilities and exploration, players can control their adorable mechas for various adventures, PVP Battles, and Ranked Games. The gameplay includes the following modes: adventure, ranked games, creation, evolution, stable earning, quick earning, and pursuit of supreme glory.

Infinite potential and value of Virtual World

Mecha Infinity is a NFT-GameFi ecosystem built on the Polygon chain development, which uses the Polygon network blockchain to bring strong ownership as well as an open and secure trading market. Mecha, land, and other game assets in the form of NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) can be purchased, traded, created, and evolved in this world of infinite possibilities.

In addition to acquiring a large number of resources through adventure, competition, trade, etc. to improve their strength, players can even create all-new evolvable mecha within the game and through continuous efforts of evolving mecha, it could turn into a valuable legendary item. Which can be used for better gameplay and experience, players can also exchange them through trading and make sufficient returns.


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