The Polygon Ecosystem DAO moves into Season 1 on the 14th of February

Dear Ecosystem,

During these first months of our DAO we have surpassed 1500 Discord members and received over 250 grants requests! We have held a few AMA’s with some of our amazing grantees and we have set the foundation upon which we aim to expand during Season 1.

For the team to focus on building and getting caught up in the processes, last week we received 40% of the total grants requests, we have decided that from now until Season 1 starts we will not review any new submissions of Grants. You’re free to submit them but be prepared that the process will take longer time, while we will process all submitted requests to this point please also keep in mind it may take time. Grant review will restart on February 14th for new requests.

We will aim to keep you posted on the changes taking place during the coming weeks, to give you a taste, we will increase the bounty and involvement possibility of our members. We will aim to increase awareness of the DAO, its contributors and the projects by pushing marketing initiatives. The Grants process will be divided into several grant lines, some in collaboration with other DAOs or projects, some in a decentralized council and some will remain with our Grants Council.

We are more than excited to start this journey together and will most of all look for all members to contribute and feel welcomed in our growing Ecosystem DAO!


Season 0 has been a great success!

A lot of grants, a lot of discussions on DAO governance, new people joining the DAO!

In Season 1 we have to GROW AND SCALE with our new partners!!!

C’MON POLYGON EDAO!!! :dizzy: :purple_heart:


A great job was done by the lead and the team that followed all phases of development.

S1 is going to be amazing!

7 Likes is excited to take part in the Polygon Ecosystem with our Regenerative Rewards Protocol - Proof of Chi :slight_smile:

Find out more at @WujiGames | Linktree and


S0 laid the foundation. S1 is going to be remarkable. We are just getting started. Here’s to doing the remarkable together.


Congrats for the amazing job, Polygon Team!


Great works guys. Season 1 will be amazing


Was wild to see something so substantial build into 1500 server members and lots of grants in Season0 :clap:


Congratulations, and I’ll be rooting for you in all your endeavors! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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