The Bor --datadir default is ~/.bor/data,but system disk size limit 500G,How to set it?

my system disk size is 500G,but it is too small,i want to save the bor datadir to other dir,I don’t know how to config

run cmd: journalctl -u bor --since today | grep -i berlin
Jul 18 10:20:21 matic bash[309197]: INFO [07-18|10:20:21.911] Initialised chain configuration config="{ChainID: 1 Homestead: 1150000 DAO: 1920000 DAOSupport: true EIP150: 2463000 EIP155: 2675000 EIP158: 2675000 Byzantium: 4370000 Constantinople: 7280000 Petersburg: 7280000 Istanbul: 9069000, Muir Glacier: 9200000, Berlin: 12244000, YOLO v3: , Engine: ethash}"

Move data to other dir directly.

Assume your new data dir is /polygon/bor, you should run command as below:

systemctl stop bor

cp -fr ~/.bor/data/* /polygon/bor

# change your startup configuration with `--datadir /polygon/bor` and then start the bor service

systemctl start bor