Temporary Bor Hot Fix - v0.2.14-tmp-span-hotfix

Hi Validators/Full Node/RPC folks,

We have a temporary hotfix to unblock Bor and to resume producing blocks for the time being, while we are implementing a longer-term upgrade to fix Heimdall issues.

Please apply the hotfix on your sentry nodes first, and after the sentry node is caught up to the latest height, apply the hotfix on the your validator nodes.

Please note that you might have to force-kill Bor, which puts it many blocks behind the chain tip. Please let it sync and catch up to the chain tip.

Also, please ensure that your Heimdall Bridge is stopped as well

sudo service heimdalld-bridge stop

In order to apply the hotfix, please follow the instructions from here:

$ sudo service bor stop

# if the bor refuses to stop after a few minutes, please kill it by
# running: sudo killall -9 bor

$ cd ~/bor
$ git fetch
$ git checkout v0.2.14-tmp-span-hotfix
$ make bor-all

Please verify your Bor version. It should look something like this

$ bor version
Version: 0.2.14-stable
Git Commit: 10c4e89f60477caedbb7d7e9f28ffbc534a0d9d9

Start your bor:

$ sudo service bor start

Please leave the Heimdall bridge stopped until further notice.