Telemetry Setup Instructions for Heimdall (Mumbai Nodes)

These are the instructions to setup telemetry for heimdall to monitor the nodes in

  1. Clone and setup the config
git clone
cd matic-telemetry
mkdir -p ~/.telemetry/var/lib/heimdalld/config
cp example.config.toml ~/.telemetry/var/lib/heimdalld/config/config.toml
  1. Update the config for your node located in ~/.telemetry/var/lib/heimdalld/config/config.toml Update the [stats_details] block in config.Secret key and net stats ip will remain same as mentioned below. Update the node key with the name of your node.
secret_key = "heimdall_testnet"
node = "<node-name>" 
net_stats_ip = ""

Please use the following naming convention for node name:


  • vitwit-mumbai-sentry-ip10_0_0_1
  • infura-mumbai-explorer-1unique_identifier is just an identifier for you to distinguish between different nodes you are running (if you have multiple nodes).
  1. Build the binary (from the matic-telemetry directory)
go mod tidy
go build -o telemetry
mv telemetry $GOBIN
  1. Create a service (You can use a different service name to resolve conflicts with your local system if any. If you do so, make sure you use that name in subsequent commands below)
echo "[Unit]
ExecStart=$(which telemetry)
[Install]" | sudo tee "/lib/systemd/system/telemetry.service"
  1. Start the telemetry service
sudo systemctl enable telemetry.service
sudo systemctl start telemetry.service
  1. You can monitor the service using journalctl. If everything works well, it should start exporting metrics.
journalctl -u telemetry -f
  1. Ensure that your node name is listed in https://
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