Telemetry Setup Instructions for Bor (Mumbai Nodes)

For better monitoring of the overall network and conditions of the node, we have hosted ethstats dashboard (

We would advise all the nodes to use the public endpoint for sending data (if you’re not sending it to some other internal endpoint).

The endpoint can be configured in the config file itself and is of the format: <node_identifier>

We would encourage you to use a non-existing and understandable identifier. This dashboard would also help us in alerting incase the nodes are not working properly (e.g. if they’re constantly out of sync).

Open the file /var/lib/bor/config.toml in your favorite text editor and edit the value for ethstats:
unique_identifier is just an identifier for you to distinguish between different nodes you are running (if you have multiple nodes).

Now, restart bor service:

sudo service bor restart

Check if your node is reflecting here

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