Telemetry Setup for Polygon Mainnet

Hey Everyone!

We have a Telemetry Dashboard up and running for Polygon Mainnet. This will help in understanding which nodes are connected to the network and also many other snippets such as software version and peers.

This applies to everyone that is running a Full Node and Validator node. Ensure that you update the Telemetry flags to your node as soon as possible.

For Validators, you will need to add the Telemetry flag on your Sentry (Sentries) node as well as your Validator node.

The Telemetry Dashboard can be viewed here:

Setup Instructions for Mainnet Nodes

  1. SSH into your node

  2. Edit the file ~/node/bor/ and add the following line in arguments passed to bor:

    --ethstats <node-name>:[email protected]:3000

    After editing, the bor part of file should look as follows:

    bor --datadir $DATA_DIR \
    **--ethstats <node-name>:[email protected]:3000 \**
    --port 30303 \
    --http --http.addr '' \

    Ensure that you have added the \ at the end of the ethstats line in []( file above (if you haven’t added ethstats in the last line of the bor command). Else, your node will fail to sync.

  3. Replace above with a fully qualified name according to the Naming convention as below:



    • vitwit-mainnet-sentry-ip10_0_0_1
    • blockvigil-mainnet-explorer-1

    unique_identifier is just an identifier for you to distinguish between different nodes you are running (if you have multiple nodes).

  4. Now, restart bor service:

    sudo service bor restart
  5. Check if your node is reflecting here


Can’t wait for new validator slots to be open! A telemetry dashboard will really make monitoring quite easier!