Supernets: Unable to Initialize rootchain contracts (bridged mode)


I’ve been digging into Supernets and attempting to deploy a local Supernet following the Build a Supernet docs.

I was able to successfully deploy in non-bridged mode, but I’m running into and issue at step 3, Initializing rootchain contracts, and was hoping someone can shed offer some help.

At this step, I’m running the following command:

polygon-edge rootchain init-contracts \
  --manifest ./manifest.json \
  --path ../polygon-edge/core-contracts/artifacts \

resulting in output:

Error: unknown flag: --path in command:
polygon-edge rootchain init-contracts \
  --manifest ./manifest.json \
  --path ../polygon-edge/core-contracts/artifacts \

It seems like --path is not an accepted flag:

    --config string            the path to the SecretsManager config file, if omitted, the local FS secrets manager is used
    --data-dir string          the directory for the Polygon Edge data if the local FS is used
-h, --help                     help for init-contracts
    --json-rpc string          the JSON RPC rootchain IP address (default "")
    --manifest string          manifest file path, which contains metadata (default "./manifest.json")
    --rootchain-erc20 string   existing root chain ERC20 token address
    --test                     test indicates whether rootchain contracts deployer is hardcoded test account (otherwise provided secrets are used to resolve deployer account)

Global Flags:
      --json   get all outputs in json format (default false)

All prior steps succeed and I’m using the latest 0.8.0 binary on Mac/OSX.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!