Suggest me on below scenario

I have developed ERC 20 token.

Because of high fee and transaction time in Ethereum, I am planning to deploy my token in Polygon.

  1. Is there any exchanges that supports polygon network directly?- Because I have future plan to move to exchange.
  2. Suppose I deployed in Ethereum(Initial deployment) and after that moved half of the tokens to polygon using Polygon bridge- From development perspective, How to transfer my tokens in polygon network?(I have only Ethereum deployed address)
  3. What is process to circulate my Polygon network tokens in my application

Please suggest me better approach

Thanks in advance

Hi @shubhangi ,

Thank you for your response,

Is there any test bridges for Ethereum testnet to mumbai testnet or vice versa?

In production also same question will raise right, before going into production, I want to know how we can distribute my matic network tokens without contract address(Is Ethereum and Matic tokens have same contract address then while sending tokens from my Dapp, how to differentiate Ethereum token/Matic token)?

Please suggest me, if i am going wrong direction.