Stuck matic transaction

I was sending matic from polygon to my binance i have done it many times, this time it shows success but the transfer has not been received yet, both the gas fees and the amount has been deducted from my wallet attaching image and transaction hash below please support help me urgently :bangbang:! Rest all my transactions were instant to binance

Transaction hash –

No the transaction has been marked as successful but it has not been successful as there has been no token transferred further to my binance wallet, there’s no token transferred tab as generally seen in all my usual transactio, so it is with the hot wallet and not forwarded to my binance wallet, so it should have been reverted back to my original wallet but that’s not the case

Sorry for the inconvenience @27_Manav_Singh
Which wallet do you use ?

I use metamask, hopefully you’re not another scammer, my assumption with this transaction is that it may have run out of gas due to fluctuations but had enough gas to reach their hot wallet but not enough to process it further to my binance, but then it should’ve been marked as failed as with most transaction that have erc20, but in my case it is marked as sucess and all the funds and gas fees gone

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I wish some actual support contacted me instead of scammers trying to get my seed phrase

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