Stuck in a catch 22 - can't play with Polygon!

Hi, I am very excited by the Polygon chain! It looks amazing.

I’ve searched for literally hours online, and been very frustrated but I cannot find the answer to what I would hope to be a basic issue. Please help!

I am new to DeFi & have got to the stage of having different chains going in Metamask, bridging assets between chains and supplying liquidity - so I am still very much learning, but know the basics.

My problem? - I cannot transfer MATIC to the Polygon chain, to be able to pay gas to actually use the chain.

I cannot find a bridge that will let me send MATIC direct to my Polygon wallet… I have deposited USDT in there via BSC Bridge, but I can’t do anything with it because I need some MATIC in there to pay the gas fees. Even though I own MATIC on Coinbase & Binance, I can’t seem to add them to my Matic wallet.

I don’t have a lot of money to waste, so I want to avoid sending via Etherium if possible, because when I looked last night the gas fee was crazy money .

Is there any way I can send MATIC direct to my Polygon wallet from somewhere like Binance? I have looked for ages and can’t find the answer. … But I can’t believe for such an amazing high-tech chain there is no simple s(and cheap!) solution?

What am I missing? Is sending vMatic ia Etherium really othe only way?