Stuck at login screen

I’m stuck at the login screen. When I click on Metamask, I’m prompted to sign the welcome message. After I click “sign,” nothing happens. I’m stuck on the same screen. I contacted Metamask and they said it can happen sometimes if you aren’t using the Ethereum Mainnet to sign on. Well, I’m using the Ethereum Mainnet and it still isn’t connecting. I’ve used the bridge in the past with no problems. I don’t understand why it stopped working.


I’m not using Brave or Ledger. I’m logged into Metamask. The timestamp seems to be correct. It still isn’t connecting.

Hello @Melissa_Hammar
Thanks for reaching to polygon Forums. Customer service may take some time to respond due to a large number of requests. We believe your case will be resolved as soon as possible. Kindly visit the polygon support live chat website

@matic041 its perfectly normal for a manual connection. I was skeptical also when I was asked to do it last week but I did it and my issue was cleared