Strange contract activity on Polygon blockchain

It seem some malicious contract attack going on, by sending and withdrawing USDC out of control of owners of accounts!? Please check.

Hey @wishxy.

It is not an attack but a phishing scam. Scammers basically start 0 value transfers from your address to addresses that resemble addresses you’ve already sent money to in the hopes that you’ll mistakenly send to the scammers’ address if you ever try to send money to that address again.

For more information on address poisoning scams, check the link below:

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I gocha. But why only USDC, why not MATIC, WETH…etc?
Also, who is responsible for the cyber-criminal who takes advantage of the victim and freely moved to another?
Why isn’t there some sort of community consensus protection when this kind of crime happens to people?
Why is there still no blockchain 2FA solution when something or someone, even the owner, tries to send coins/tokens or export private keys?
One thing is for sure, cyber-criminals “make” more money than anyone else in this community and we won’t see mass adoption anytime soon under these circumstances.
Thank you for the response.

I do not know why they chose only usdc, to be honest.
Blockchains and as such Polygon PoS are permissionless, trustless, and decentralized, and there is where their difference to any other system that we know so far is grounded. If we had the ability to ‘tamper’ with them one way or another, would mean that in its essence they are no different than bank accounts. And we kinda don’t like banks!

Ok, I’m sure there is the way for people to be much more protected and still remain anon in decentralized blockchain networks. It can be done in many ways. One of them is by using decentralized blockchain email service, like Ethermail for 2FA verification.
Next very useful thing can be second password on every blockchain wallet when send crypto or export private keys.