Stolen crypto do not know how its happening? VERY INGENIOUS

Hi I was sending from kucoin and gateio on matic network- to my meta wallet (matic mainnet). It never arrived. It went from them to my wallet- and got diverted to this other wallet.

My wallet is the Ox2DC- Here is the transaction from kucoin today. Polygon Transaction Hash (Txhash) Details | PolygonScan
If you click my wallet- you see it goes to another wallet 0x42D36bec614113c986ecC18b537dba97420b8232

They also stole my pegaxy. Nothing was touched in other mainnets- or accts- just this matic mainnet.
I followed it on debank. Here I am DeBank | Your DeFi wallet
Here is history of the thief:
DeBank | Your DeFi wallet

What is going on? there are no transactions on meta, and I can see it going to the wallet- but never getting there. Of course metamask is WORTHLESS as far as help- they just blame me. This is very very concerning- this could happen to anyone. NOTE: the wallet was not connected to any sites. I stake matic on stable one- but I connect, send, unconnect. That is a legit site- but someone- is doing something very illegal. I want to stop it asap —obviously I can’t use the wallet but I want to know how this happened. Thanks

Can anyone help me? THanks so much to everyone.

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Hi, this is my impression from looking at the tx history and explorer.
I can see that as of 3 days and 10 hours ago, pegaxy and other assets have already been moved from your wallet to theirs.

It looks like you transferred matic from kucoin about 18 hours ago, but it seems more likely that your address was already taken long before that.

It’s my personal opinion that assets on other chains may just go unnoticed, and I would recommend changing to a new wallet.

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thats right. But how did they get into that wallet? And how can I undo it? Obviously change wallets- I have done that- but there are no transactions per metamask- but that wallet address must be flagged somewhere and forwarded to that 0x42d address.

I just don’t understand how- because its very dangerous. It could happen at anytime without anyone knowing. Thanks

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Here are my thoughts on why it happened.

(1) You have genuinely given out your private key.
(Example: DM, etc.)
(2) I didn’t tell them, but they found out.
(e.g., phishing, seen, stored in the cloud, virus, etc.)

There should be only these two.
(2) is honestly infinite, so it’s safer to assume that the person protecting it will definitely have an accident.

It’s sad to say, but with DeFi, accidents are bound to happen, absolutely, this much is certain.
I’m sure I’ll have an accident at some point.

The only thing we can do is to be cautious and keep our assets scattered to reduce the damage from a single blow.

The latest tricks are always with the attackers, and they are just waiting for someone to let their guard down with a machine…

Please take care of yourself and protect your friends if you can. :cry:

Thanks for your help. I agree with everything but disagree about the seed phrase/key

. If they had my key- the entire wallet would be gone. There was about 10K not touched. It was only on one address (of 3) and on the polygon mainnet. There was a lot more on eth and smart chain.

I moved everything over. Now I have this ridiculous forwarding address on my polygon mainnet- and if i want to remove my staked tokens - it will go to that address. How do I get rid of that thing? I’m about done with crypto. I’m so tired of scammers and hackers. The exhange was hacked, I lost. There are scam coins—vpad. ( They have a legit coin- but are selling this one forever. I bought 4300$ worth in December. should have got the real ones. I am so tired of this. Its no fun anymore. Can you help me with thiis forwarding address thing? Thanks