State Sync Txs Update

Intended for node operators

We have received a few bug reports around missed state sync transactions in a few RPC calls for old blocks (before December 2021). The root cause of the issue was an unhandled code flow (during chain rewinds) to insert logs into the table.

Please note that this didn’t affect consensus; hence, the chain data is unaffected. The issue was resolved in the upstream Geth codebase and has been available since Bor versions that were released after Dec 2021. Therefore, there are no missing state sync transactions in blocks created after that.

If you or your users are facing any issues retrieving old state sync transactions data, we recommend using the latest snapshot from We worked on backfilling all missing data and created snapshots from such nodes.

:arrow_forward: To use the last snapshot, please follow the steps -

Thanks, Polygon Team

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