State of Polygon Q1 2023

Polygon Community - The State of Polygon Q1 2023 report is once again live.

In this report we cover Polygon’s financial, network, ecosystem, and decentralization metrics. Additionally, we touch on each of the scaling solutions and their relevant updates.

Here are the key insight from the report:

  • The Polygon PoS chain recorded an average of 400,000 daily active addresses and added a total of 22 million new addresses during the quarter.
  • Polygon PoS had the largest share of gaming users amongst EVM chains. The most popular games were Planet IX, Sunflower Land, Hunters On-Chain, and Benji Bananas.
  • Polygon Labs launched the zkEVM Mainnet Beta on March 27. The zkEVM is an open-source and permissionless EVM-equivalent solution with fast finality. Various projects are already live, with additional partnerships to be announced.
  • Polygon ID was made available to the public under an open-source license. Polygon ID is now self-service, enabling anyone to be an issuer, verifier, or holder of a Web3 identity. It is already in use by multiple development teams.
  • Polygon Labs announced that it would be spinning off Avail, its data availability layer. The primary reasons for this move are to focus more on ZK-scaling efforts and to more closely align with the Ethereum roadmap.
  • Polygon PoS underwent the Delhi hard fork in January 2023 to improve network performance and user experience. The hard fork aimed to reduce gas spikes and address chain reorganizations.

Please provide any and all feedback so we can continue optimizing these. Find the full report over at Messari.