State of Governance - New Blog Series

At Polygon, we firmly believe that decentralization is non-optional, but rather a hallmark of blockchain technology and one of the most prominent forces of innovation going forward.

As part of the effort to expand governance communications, inform and engage our community, we’re now launching a State of Governance series. The series will cover everything from fundamental considerations and the value proposition of decentralization, to major updates concerning Polygon governance.

Read more here: State of Governance: Decentralization — Polygon | Blog


When the changes is going to take place ?

Hey @colonyfather, could you specify which changes you’re referring to?

I heard that there is a new governance process will be implemented soon. I don’t have details, unfortunately, but members of our community, force us to migrate on Polygon, before “those” changes are applied.

In general we are thinking to bring MarsColony on Polygon and looking for a way to get community support for such an initiative. Could you please advise what is the best way to present a new project for Polygon Ecosystem ?

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Hey colonyfather, feel free to ping me on Polygon Ecosystem DAO Discord:

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