Stage 1 New Testnet Update

Hi Everyone!

Over the past week, we made Stage 1a ( live for external validators to join Matic Incentivised Public testnet. We had an initial list of 20 validators that joined the network and started their own nodes.

However, we noticed a few glitches when we were monitoring the network and we had to make tweaks which resulted in some of the validators facing an issue with Syncing. This would have led to problems later on while adding new validators to the testnet. Because of this, we have now spawned a new testnet CS-2002 {} with the updated configuration.

This is what we are going to do now. The initial list of validators will need to perform the following steps to join the new testnet. Once they are done with their setup, we will be releasing the list of new validators that would join them. We understand that this may cause a bit of hassle to the Counter Stake participants especially for the folks who have already spent the time to set up their nodes last week. Any negative repercussions of CS-2001 on uptime will be disregarded. We will certainly reward all participants as per the criteria laid out in the initial announcement. If any existing validators have faced any issues of uptime on CS-2001, this will be disregarded.

So for the initial participants, that were selected for setting up your nodes, please follow the same instructions to set up your new node.

Before you start setting up your new node, you need to make sure that you use the same address and the same private key that you used earlier, as the tokens have been sent to the same address.

  1. All you have to do is to first stop your Heimdall and Bor nodes along with the bridge and rest server.

To stop Heimdall and Bor process you can run the following commands:

For Linux packages :

Stop Heimdall : sudo service heimdalld stop
Stop Bor : sudo service bor stop or

  1. ps -aux | grep bor. Get the PID for Bor and then run the following command.
  2. sudo kill -9 PID

For Binaries :

Stop Heimdall : pkill heimdalld
Stop Bridge : pkill heimdalld-bridge
Stop Bor : Go to CS-2001/bor and then run, bash []([](

  1. Then you will need to delete all directories for Bor and Heimdall to make sure all remnants are removed from your machine. To do that:

For Linux packages :

Delete Heimdall : sudo rm -rf /etc/heimdall/*
Delete Bor : sudo rm -rf /etc/bor/*

For Binaries :

Delete Heimdall : sudo rm -rf ~/.heimdall/
Delete Bor : sudo rm -rf ~/.bor

Once you have done these steps, you can then proceed to set up your node by following the same steps as before with the new testnet:

Setup your node : (

Stake on Matic : (

We have already sent more Test tokens to your addresses and you can verify the same.

Once all the initial validators join the new testnet, we would be releasing the list of new validators. We will be releasing a separate announcement for that.

Please keep your notifications On for the announcement channel.

Keep staking!

Url to Download Heimdall And Bor for Centos 7?