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Hi! I’m Yunus, the CEO of FireGecko Studio.

Here at FireGecko Studio we aim to develop amazing games for players that don’t have time to play all day long, but don’t like just the boring casual type of games.

Today I want to present you Space Mavericks, a truly unique game that explores a new type of game mechanic by combining popular games such as Angry Birds, Worms with MOBAs like League of Legends and Dota 2.


Select a Commander, get your Spaceship and enter Battle Arenas to fight for your dream!

Space Mavericks recreates the classic artillery style of aiming and shooting by adjusting the angle and power. Choose from several commanders with unique special abilities and create your strategy to defeat all enemies that dare to get in your way. Join a competitive battle royale for up to 8 players or gather up to 4 allies to defy the most feared bosses in the Universe!

The Team

We’re a highly passionate and experienced team of developers and friends.

Yunus Emre Ünal - CEO
Yunus has previously founded Frei Studios, a startup focussing on game development in the web3 industry. He is a teacher and photographer turned web3 native.

Yuri Machado - Head of Game Dev.
Yuri is a software developer for 10+ years and previous CTO and co-founder of NextOs, where he worked with cutting-edge AI technology and gamified content. He is at the heart of the development of Space Mavericks.

Mohamed Aissaoui - COO
Mohamed is a senior Business Development Manager and passionate gamer. He is a serial entrepreneur and a highly analytical thinker. He joined the web3 space in 2019, where he co-founded Frei Studios together with Yunus.

Adelson Tavares - Art Director
18+ years of experience in 2D Art

Gustavo Dort - Game Development
12+ years of software development expertise, shipped many games

Gabriel Segati - Game Development
8+ years of software development experience

Allysson Silva - Legal
10+ years of experience in legal matters

Christopher Tigranes - Community Manager
Prev. Community Manager @ Merit Circle

Notable partners: We’re incubated by Seedify, and partnered with Nefta for blockchain solution.

The Roadmap

Currently, we’re raising funds and are preparing our free mint which we’re planning for June-July. Additionally, we’re working on our closed alpha, which we’re aiming to launch in Q3 this year. Free mint holders will be elegible for playtesting it and giving feedback and additional rewards (tba).


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Game Teaser

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