Solution to Bor Sync Issues - Mumbai Testnet

We have recently hit a hard fork on Mumbai Testnet. If you weren’t able to upgrade the node before block no 25275000 , please follow the below instructions to upgrade and bring your node back in sync.

  1. Stop the bor service

    sudo service bor stop
  2. Navigate to bor directory

    cd ~/bor
  3. Fetch the latest changes and use Bor v0.2.15-beta2:

    git fetch
    git checkout v0.2.15-beta2
  4. Build latest changes

    make bor-all
  5. Check bor version

    [email protected]:~/bor$ bor version
    Version: 0.2.15-beta-2
    Git Commit: 111a204bbaa0d6b1e94fa58a56c00dab8adc1652
  6. Go back to the home directory

    cd ~ 
  7. Download the latest genesis file. We are upgrading the genesis contract through changed genesis.

    curl --output ~/genesis.json
  8. Init bor with genesis file

    bor --datadir ~/.bor/data init ~/genesis.json

    If you are using a non-default datadir, please ensure you input the correct one you have been using.

  9. You should see the output as follows:

    INFO [12-03|19:57:02.531] Successfully wrote genesis state         database=chaindata                            hash=...
    INFO [12-03|19:57:02.556] Successfully wrote genesis state         database=lightchaindata                       hash=...
  10. Start the bor service

    sudo service bor start

If your node is still not syncing after restarting bor, then follow the below steps:

  1. Open bor ipc

    bor attach ~/.bor/data/bor.ipc
  2. Rewind the chain by a few hundred blocks (to block 25274500)

  3. Check if the chain has started syncing and has gone past the hardfork block 25275000

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