Snapshots Update: Incremental Snapshots Changelogs

Polygon Labs is thrilled to introduce the latest software improvement: incremental chaindata snapshots!

This enables faster and more reliable syncing for Polygon nodes.
With this release:

  • Monolithic .tar.zst chaindata download files are deprecated and have been moved to an incremental snapshot approach, which allows for more efficient downloads and reduces the risk of data corruption.

  • Daily incremental snapshots are taken for both bor/heimdall and mainnet/mumbai, ensuring that all snapshots for bootstrapping new Polygon PoSV1 mumbai/mainnet nodes are never more than 24 hours stale.

  • To prevent data growth explosion, nodes are pruned monthly, which serves as the initial bulk increment. After that, incremental snapshots of un-pruned data are appended on a daily basis, creating a repeating cycle.

  • Users now download a ‘compiled-files.txt’ file that includes all incremental snapshot download URLs and MD5 checksums.
    With the help of the cli-tool aria2c, users can pass this file as their input for downloads, and the checksum verification occurs automatically.

  • Bootstrapping and fully syncing Polygon nodes should now take only an order of hours!

To take advantage of this new system, check out our wiki for full documentation on how to use it:

Many thanks,

  • Polygon Labs