Slasher 6 (Gaming)

Project name - Slasher 6

Slasher 6 is a medieval-themed competitive combat game with a unique wagering system that rewards players for improving their skills. The game plans to offer various modes the main two being 1v1s and 5v5s within those will be ranked and wager matches. Wager matches will enable the player to risk NFTs and place a bet on themselves to win based on their skill against another player who will also be doing the same! One of our goals is to create an engaging, rewarding, and immersive gaming experience for players, spectators, and content creators alike.

We are pushing the boundaries of the medieval genre while introducing ownership into the ecosystem. We’ve designed a game that will engage players with thrilling gameplay and real rewards. Players will be able to earn assets and irl rewards while also being able to own most of what they see in the game!

The Team -
I’m Arthur the founder, I have been in the gaming ecosystem for most of my life from playing games, streaming, or content creation. I have a deep understanding of the gaming culture with experience in the web3 space and a network of connections among streamers and gamers.
Alex is the Co-Founder and my brother. He’s an engineer with a passion for entrepreneurship. He has started and sold several businesses ranging from the restaurant industry, e-commerce, and a few others in-between. His strengths lay heavily in product development, go-to-market (GTM) strategies, and campaign development.
Usman is a passionate Developer and Game Enthusiast who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the gaming industry. Usman’s passion for gaming is evident in his dedication to Multiplayer gaming over the past 8 years. With a knack for creative problem-solving and a keen eye for detail, he has become a true expert in his field. Usman’s vibrant personality and unwavering love for gaming make him a perfect fit for our team!
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