Shall I deploy child chain manager contract for Polygon Mintable Assets


I am following the tutorial below for my Polygon Mintable Asset.

I have deposit, withdraw and mint for child and made sure the root’s mint can be called from ethereumMintableAssetProxy.

I want the address of the childChainManager which would call the deposit of the child contract.
Shall I deploy the child chain manager, or shall I use a deployed address?

Do I have to deploy any other contracts than my root and child contracts?

Thanks for advance.

I found below the addresses for childchainmanager and childchainmanagerproxy

Which address shall I give the deposit permission?

None of these.

The childManagerProxyAddress is

Mumbai: 0xb5505a6d998549090530911180f38aC5130101c6
Mainnet: 0xA6FA4fB5f76172d178d61B04b0ecd319C5d1C0aa